Organization as art

Perfumes on a mirror.

You can display all of your pretty looking perfumes and have them be easily accessible too. Most of the bottles are very artsy anyway, so why not showcase the art by placing them on a mirror you might have (or can get for cheap) and placing them on top of your dresser.


Nail polishes in a glass jar.

By doing this, your nail polishes are nicely put away, but also end up lasting longer conserved in glass. Again you can display this as well on a dresser or your bathroom, since they will look neatly put away, and all the different colors make it look like an art piece in it’s own way.


Sunglasses on a ribbon attached to a wall.

This idea looks cool and often done to hang up photos on a wall. Well this time, instead of hanging up photos, how about hanging up your sunglasses. Otherwise, where do you place them? Well, this idea is super easy. If you grab a nice ribbon and two thumbtacks, you can have your sunglasses hung up, within reach, yet still out of the way.

sunglasses hung up


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