August drugstore beauty + skincare haul!

I am loving these five products so much right now. I just brought them at the beginning of the month and am so excited to continue using them going forward!

august haul

Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream — This is a perfect tinted cream for when you don’t want to wear any makeup but still want to feel that your face has an even skin tone. It’s super lightweight yet still hydrates the skin and makes it look even and glowy. Not to mention that it even has salicylic acid treatment to help control any acne.

Maybelline Master Camouflaging Concealer — I was looking for a new easy-to-use drugstore conceler. Thanks to a recomendation from blogger @marcellomakeup I found this one and it works great and provides the coverage I needed to conceal and highlight the undereye area or any other spots on my face. I have been using it daily since it doesn’t feel heavy or thick on my skin. Thumbs up for sure!

L’oreal Paris Brow Stylist Plumper — Basically an amazing alternative to an expensive Anastasia Brow Wiz. Colors in the eyebrows just right, and combs them into place at the same time with it’s miniature mascara brush. I have worn it all day and could tell that my brows just stay in place with this gel. Overall it looks & feels great on my brows. Hands down, my new favorite product right now!

NYX matte lipstick in Perfect Red — Seriously, what an amazing matte lipstick. I wanted to find a new perfect red lipstick, and this one literally is. It is super smooth, super matte, and to the point. With some black eyeliner and this lipstick…Boom! Classic look all the way. Good job NYX. Love it!

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water — On the days that it gets too late to wash off my face (whether the baby had a long night or what not) it feels good to have an alternative when removing makeup. My makeup comes off by applying this all over my face as if it were a toner. No need to rinse afterward or wake myself up all over again after already feeling sleepy after a long night. I was definitely looking for a product like this, and didn’t even know it! Dream come true.

There they are! The new products I got this month that I am loving and totally recommend 100%!

*Products were purchased by me. Not a sponsored post. Opinions are my own.


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