Coconut Oil – new obsession!

Lately, I have become OBSESSED with coconut oil.

Not only is it natural, it is super non-expensive! There are so many ways I have been using it lately. I’ll go ahead and share some:

  • I use it on my baby’s body and on my body, in place of body lotion.
  • I leave it on my face for at least 10 minutes as a face mask for smoother, hydrated skin.
  • I leave it on my hair (ends and scalp) for at least 20 minutes before I wash my hair in the shower.
  • I use it as a deodorant. (I make a mix with it and a little bit of baking soda for longer lasting results. It seriously works!)
  • I mix a little bit of it in my dog’s food so that his coat can get soft and shiny.

Please share with me if there are any other ways I could be using this wonderful, natural product! I’d love to continue putting it to good use.

*Product was purchased by me. Opinions are my own. Not a sponsored post.


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