Field Trip to the marina in Martinez, CA // with video!

As soon as sign ups were available to attend a field trip provided by First 5 Center and AspiraNet, I signed up. Although we live not too far from this destination I knew it would be different to go on a field trip with other kids/parents and go together as a group. When we arrived to the First 5 Center in Concord, AspiraNet provided free water bottles for the kids. I also made sure to bring snacks just in case Dilan got hungry (which I seem to have got used to doing). They had two big yellow school buses waiting for us and Dilan and I were all set to go with our sunscreen and our hats on. I actually think it was Dilan’s first time on a school bus…yes, I think it was. We went on and he loved it, we were singing the “wheels on the bus” song during most of the ride of course. We finally made it to the surrounding area of the Martinez Marina, obviously cars don’t get too close since it is a preserved area. Then we walked over a bridge and kept walking for what seemed at least a mile (enough to notice we were walking for a while) to a big park area where you could see the bay in the background. There, our big group met up with three park rangers who were going to lead us into the marina and take us on a tour. It was really nice to be able to enjoy a sunny day with a soft breeze and seeing all the little toddlers and parents walking in front, behind, and all around us — seeing where the trail would lead us to. We walked over a handful of bridges and took photos by the water and learned about various plants and city of Martinez history. At the end of the trail we encountered a little beach. I didn’t expect it but Martinez actually has a little beach — tiny waves, sand, and all. It took a lot of walking to get there, but when we did it was a lot of fun for the kids. I asked if there were any dangerous animals that creep up but the park ranger assured me that there wasn’t. After a while of enjoying the view, playing with the water, and running around in the sand, it was time to head back to the trail that we came from. By then, you could tell the kids could start to feel tired/hungry or the mix of. Dilan asked me for a snack and the surrounding kids started noticing and asked their moms for snacks too. Dilan kept walking the entire time and didn’t ask me to carry him or anything, which I was ok with so that he could get some good exercise and get fully tired out. When we finally made it back to the big park area, the First 5 Center staff had big trays of freshly made Subway sandwiches for all of us! It was a really nice way to end the day and get some energy to get us on our way to walk back to the school buses and end the field trip! I am very appreciative for the First 5 Centers and AspiraNet programs for being excellent community resources for families and organizing fun/positive events, programs, and field trips like this one.



A little video recap of our field trip:


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