It went vice versa: my toddler comforted me

I love being a mom, thanks to my little Dilan. So comforting to feel his comfort after going through the first time a stranger attempted to randomly break into our pleasant and quiet home a couple of weeks ago. It was horrible hearing the loud “bang!”, with such force and boldness trying to come and rob our home. I guess I’ll never understand it. I couldn’t help but feel frightened and still a little shaken the following night, so I let this little guy sleep with us and he would hug me tight in his sleep and climb on top of my chest the entire night. It felt as if he knew I was frightened and he wanted to comfort his mama…and he totally did, thanks to his presence I was able to sleep that second night. //

¡Me caí que no se lo deseo a nadie ese espanto que tuvimos que pasar! Me sentía desnuda con un asco de alguien que literalmente se quiso meter al forzar y quebrar la puerta de nuestro garaje. Fue horrible escuchar el golpe, con que fuerza y valentía querer meterse a robar un hogar. Supongo nunca entenderé. Pero bueno, mi bebe chiquitin me abrazo toda la noche siguiente, se acurruco sobre mi pecho, como si supiera que ocupaba el consuelo de su cuerpecito sobre mi. Y al sentirlo sobre mi pues me sentia mas tranquila y pude dormi. ¡Super tierno!


2 thoughts on “It went vice versa: my toddler comforted me

    1. Thank you Abbey! Even though he didn’t steal anything, once he crossed the line of going into our backyard and breaking a door knob to come inside while we were sleeping (he thought no one was home), it was indeed super, super scary!


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