Not a regular mom…I’m a cool mom!

I keep hearing this phrase being thrown around on t-shirts or what have you, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!” First of all, to get right to it I do agree with that statement. Long gone are the days that moms have stacks of the uncool “mom jeans” and hello to all things tech-savvy to capture the greatest of memories. I feel like I want to show my Dilan THE WORLD and my mind constantly feels open to all of the possibilities of what I can teach him or where I can take him next. And boy, oh boy, am I attached to my little guy! Call me protective but uhhh…I am the mom that takes him to every type of errand possible, bringing a mini chair to come with if need be, or if I grab a drink with my hubby and friends, he can be there too. Sorry, not sorry. I take it seriously when I read that 0-5 are the ages where their brains develop the most. I consider every moment a teaching moment, too, because I know he’s watching/listening. You better believe all of the snacks we buy him are either non-GMO, organic, gluten-free or some combination. Lol. And of course, he has filled up my Instagram account and yes my social media friends have had to see him pop up somewhere on my posts more often than not. In fact I am not surprised when friends tell me they’ve received a Snapchat that I swear I didn’t send, because toddlers nowadays are born practically knowing how to use the iPhones/iPads like they weren’t born yesterday! But hey, can’t blame when they see how inspired momma gets getting decor ideas from Pinterest for practically anything all day/every day.

All in all, does this all make millennial moms better than other generations? I don’t think that’s the point. But I do know that it makes us DIFFERENT. Millennial moms like me feel cool, and our fresh sense of style, parenting, and knowledge at the tip of our fingers, shows the world just that. We don’t need to be judged by other generations. We know what we are doing, and if not we know how to find a way ASAP. We want to be our kids’ friend + parent (which I think is totally possible). And in the end, we are doing the best we can, day in and day out, in our very own millennial-kind-of-way.



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