Cousin love

My son is almost three and the other day I was thinking how he doesn’t have any first cousins. At his age, I had many first cousins already (at least 16 of them) and my son doesn’t have any so far (specifically first cousins). So what I do is I look for and reach out to his second cousins. We try to go to their birthday parties and see each other when possible. (Most recently a birthday party for Dilan’s second cousin Celine!) We also are starting to get friends who have babies or other relatives that have kids or even my younger first cousins. In about a month, he is starting a preschool program for 5 hours a week and I’ve taken him to classes where he sees other kids since he was one. He is super social, loves being around other kids, adults, pets, anyone really…yet he is also good at solo play. All I’m saying is that I was pondering on how different it will be for my son to when I was growing up. Most importantly however, is that he is SO LOVED. We love taking him on field trips, visiting family, and I love traveling with him (he’s been going on plane rides with me since he was 4 months!). In summary, it is what it is, and the difference is something that I can only wonder…up until he starts having little first cousins…that will be a fun stage too, for sure!

Pictured above is my son Dilan in the middle, his second cousin Celine to the left, and my little first cousin Diego to the right; at Celine’s birthday party at Underwood Family Farms in CA.


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