Summer Favorites | 2017

Now that summer is officially coming to an end, I can’t help but share some of the things that I have been loving this summer!

There’s a fun TV Show on TV Land that I have been religiously keeping up with called Younger. With not much time for TV these days, this is the only series I really watch right now. This show is super well written and the fashion is really fun to watch. It’s produced by Darren Star, who did Sex and the City, so how can a girl not love it?

I was really wanting to get a fun outdoor sand table for Dilan so that he could enjoy in the backyard, but I was determined to find a good deal and find a used one even. I ended up finding a Step2 Sand & Water Table for dirt cheap, without the umbrella but still in excellent condition. In the end, the seller ended up giving it to us for free and just wanted someone to give it to someone that could put some good use to it. It was such a nice gesture!

Potty training! This was a huge accomplishment for Dilan, but it felt like an accomplishment for me as a mom. I could just feel the weight fall off my shoulders when I potty trained Dilan. I woke up one day in early July and just said to myself, “Today is the day!” I read about the 3-day all-commando method and went all in, didn’t leave the house for those 3 days, but let me tell you…it worked! He didn’t really pee himself day or night after that! I have been so relieved and it’s made this summer diaper-free for our household!

I have become obsessed with putting either coconut oil or jojoba oil in my hair before I wash my hair. It’s very rare that I don’t do it actually, and I’ve noticed such a huge difference in my hair’s texture this summer. My hair always feels so soft now. The only thing I regret was not doing this sooner in life!

I have always loved organizing. My mom tells me that when I was a kid, we would go to Target and I didn’t like when things were not in their correct place. Well I’ve kept up the love of organizing up until now and the invention of chalkboard labels have made it even more fun for me. I can write on them, erase, and reuse them as much as I want.

Since all of my immediate family lives in southern CA and I live in northern CA with my hubs and son, during labor day weekend we decided to meet at a halfway point, in the city/town of Paso Robles that lies on the 101 freeway in central California. It has such a cute family-friendly downtown, it’s fun for kids (the Children’s Museum there was hours of fun!), and about 200 wineries for the adults to enjoy too! My family and I had a really nice time meeting in the middle — catching up, exploring, and celebrating Dilan’s 3rd birthday!

Hope you did some fun things or discovered some new products this summer that made you smile, too!

xoxo Cecy

“Happy people don’t have the best of everything – they just make the best of everything.”


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