Mexico lindo

This time around our family took a trip to Jalisco, Mexico. We took a flight to Guadalajara and then a road trip to our family’s hometown of Yahualica. The fiestas were taking place in the town (the town’s celebration month), and there our days turned into endless nights filled with celebratory music. We enjoyed a charreada (traditional Mexican rodeo), live mariachi and other traditional music performances and ensembles, delicious food, and the company of our family — some that live there as well as family that traveled into the town from California simultaneously. Lately, devastating news has been a trend in the media, but it was nice to enjoy some family time and surround ourselves in all the festivities. After about six or seven days, we drove two hours from Yahualica to Guadalajara/Zapopan and spent a couple of nights at the Hyatt Regency in Plaza Andares.

Something that my husband and I reflected on during this trip was that although it is inevitable that family members in Mexico pass away, we should never feel like there is no reason to go back, as that is where our family’s history is, our ancestor’s culture, customs, traditions, etc. It’s still very much a part of who we are and where we came from and how valuable to be able to share that with our son.

We had such a wonderful time creating new memories…and can’t wait until the next time!





IMG_4918DSC07864.JPGDSC07835.JPGAt my cousin’s family ranch meeting some piglets.^


The typical juice in a bag^






With my mama who flew in and met us in Mexico too^IMG_4881.JPGIMG_4890.JPGIMG_5115.JPGIMG_5125.JPG



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