Little ways I save extra cash for my family

Since I am mostly a stay-at-home while my husband works in the city, I often find myself finding ways to save a little extra cash here and there for my family so we could rack up extra savings. Don’t get me wrong, we love to spend money on nice things, but at the same time we are the kind of family that tries to avoid having too much debt, we love to budget, and we like to stay busy. Aside from my work-from-home part-time job that I got from a post on the Nextdoor app, I gathered up some of the other things I do to save money at home and thought I would share them.

Reducing our bills at home.

First and foremost, we cut the cord — on cable that is. We were paying too much for the little we were watching. My husband, son and I barely watch any TV, and the cable bill was like $150 or something like that for a bundle of WiFi, TV cable, and a landline. We cancelled it all, and switched service companies to get just WiFi. For TV, we got Netflix instead, which is like $8/month and we got a TV antenna which lets you see local channels for free. We’ve also discovered that a lot of TV channels (such as NBC, FOX, AMC) have their own mobile/online apps that we can use if needed. Another bill we reduced was our garbage bill. I realized there was an option to have a smaller trash bin of 20 gallons as opposed to 32 gallons, and it would be $20 less a month if we downgraded to that smaller trash bin size — so we did. All we do is just consciously recycle as much as possible which is free, as well as place as much green waste as possible into our green garbage which is also free. This allows us to accumulate less regular trash every week, stay below the 20 gallon mark, and have a cheaper garbage bill.


When I shop online, I always make sure to go to the Ebates website first, and from there I search for any store website that I’m interested in shopping at. Target, Amazon, etc. — almost every major store is on there. It’s so simple to add this step to my online shopping routine and the cash back really does accumulate. Every four months, I get a check from Ebates paying me my cash back.

Traveling with reward points.

I have the Jetblue credit card and the Southwest credit card (this one does have a fee, but the points accumulate faster). When I use these credit cards for items I’m already going to purchase such as gas or groceries, I rack up points that in turn get me free travel reward points that don’t expire, and I end up racking enough to score free flights pretty often.

No-cost Financial Trading.

Towards the end of last year I started financial stock trading through the commission-free app called Robinhood. I love how easy it allows me to invest a little bit of money in stocks and make some extra money, without paying a fee for using the app.

Grocery store rewards program.

I join my local grocery rewards program through the iPhone app and add coupons to the app while I’m at the store. Often they have free product giveaways or gas rewards that I wouldn’t get if I wasn’t using the app.

High interest savings account.

I use Ally Bank for my online savings account. We put a lot of our savings there and Ally always has the highest interest rates compared to other banks. As of today, for instance, their interest rate is 1.45% which is free cash that you get paid every month just for having the money sit there.

Selling clutter.

Offer Up, Let Go, physical garage sales, and announcing items you have for sale on the neighboorhood Nextdoor app are all great ideas to sell some of your clutter easily. I’ve even discovered that local selling or swap meet Facebook mom groups are useful. People are very active on in all those types of apps and groups, and in turn you get to sell clutter that you have lying around your house that you no longer need.

These are some of things we do to save money for our family. Hopefully you find some of these things helpful to reduce some of your spending or get a little bit of extra cash for things you and your family really need or want.


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