While in Tulum

    My husband, baby Dilan, and I flew to Mexico last September and one of the places we got to visit was Tulum. It was very hot. The kind of hot that you start sweating even though all you are doing is standing. As we looked and learned about the ancient ruins of the … More While in Tulum

Baby Bathtime

After almost 10 months, it’s finally starting to be fun during Baby Dilan’s bathtime. It used to be difficult because he couldn’t sit completely upright. Now he actually plays with all of his bathtime toys and has fun splashing the water and I don’t have to hold him up the entire time, since he is … More Baby Bathtime

Organization as art

Perfumes on a mirror. You can display all of your pretty looking perfumes and have them be easily accessible too. Most of the bottles are very artsy anyway, so why not showcase the art by placing them on a mirror you might have (or can get for cheap) and placing them on top of your … More Organization as art